- There’s a divorce every thirteen seconds. That’s over 46,000 divorces A WEEK in the US. 
- 50% of marriages end in divorce. 
- Over 40% of America’s children grow up without a father in the house. 
- Half of ALL children will witness the breakdown of their parents marriage. And half of those children will witness a second marriage fall apart.

All because humanity is so obsessed with self happiness. Do whatever makes you happy, yeah tell that to a pedophile or a rapist. These days love is just a feeling right? These days it’s about YOUR happiness right? These days it’s about your rights, right? These days it’s because YOU got offended, right?

What a self centered, politically correct, immoral, vision-less society we live in today. You don’t really care about the man you just married, just about your own happiness, right? I mean, that’s why you just divorced your last husband, am I right? You don’t really care about that child you’re carrying, I mean, it is just a fetus right? Just a clump of cellsJust a parasite? It is your body after all. But if your definition of a child is a parasite, then learn the definion of a parasite. Because a parasite; it’s foreign to your body. Oh and I forgot to mention, what about your three other children? Oh but they don’t matter, you left your husband because you weren’t happy, I’m sure they’re happy now. I mean, as long as you’re happy. 

Right, cool, as long as you’re happy nothing matters. 

So, what about your children at home? And your wife? You’d tell her that she’s the most wonderful thing to ever happen to you. You’d sit your little girl on your lap and kiss her cheeks while you read her a page from her favorite book. And your son, well he just wants to be like his daddy, just like you. But well you’re here in the strip club. With your boys. After all, 8 years of marriage is hard and well, to be honest, they’re dragging you down. You’re not happy anymore. This makes you feel free, this makes you feel young, the girls on stage they’re young and so are their bodies, it’s more pleasing to see their body than your wife’s. But hey, you’re not thinking of your wife’s stretch marked body, you’re thinking of this young girl in front of you and your secretary who you had to attend a ‘business trip’ with last week.

It’s okay. I totally understand. Your wife isn’t as young as she once was. Her body isn’t as pleasant as it once was. You come home from work and your kids need you. Yeah. You just sit their and let the strippers tease you. It’s okay. Go and ‘meet up’ with your secretary again. It’s fine. It’s okay. You need your ‘me’ time.

Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. My. My. My. My. My.

When will we leave aside what we want and start caring for THEM? WHEN, WHEN, WHEN, WHEN? When will we start being responsible for our actions instead of running away from them? When are we going to stop showing hate in front of our children and start showing them love? When are we going to realize that our children need us, more than anything, instead of focussing on bringing our world up and their world down? We’re a sad excuse, humanity. We don’t even deserve grace. Or love. We deserve nothing. But hey, keep on doing and sacrificing for whatever makes you happy. You may just realize, hopefully soon enough, that you may just be sacrificing your own children for the sake of your own gain.

I slept at 11:30 tonight. I woke up at 1:30 in the morning. And I’m still awake. But all I’m thinking about is your lovely smile and that precious personality that only you have.